On Screen B1 is a modular secondary – level course for learners studying British English at CEFR level B1+(9th grade). It allows a flexibility of approach which makes it suitable for all classes of all kinds.

On Screen B1 consists of eight modules. Each module consists of six lessons plus Progress Check and Language Focus sections . The corresponding module in the Workbook provides the option of additional practice.

The Student’s Book is the main component of the course. Each unit is based  on a single theme and  the topics covered are of general interest. All units follow the same basic structure.

The Workbook is in full colour and contains units corresponding to those in the Student’s Book containing practice in all four language skills. It also contains a Grammar Bank with theory and exercises, a Quizzes section and a Translator’s Corner Section.

Class Audio CDs contain all the recorded material which accompanies the course. This includes the monologues /dialogues and texts in the Listening and Reading sections as well as the Pronunciation /Intonation section, and the material for all listening tasks in the Workbook.